Dear Neighbour,

Come on let's face it, we've all got one, or had one - a beautiful neighbour who minds their own business, is always welcoming and lets you borrow a cup of brown sugar when you've run out. They keep their pets under control and their parties are cordial and welcoming. A dear neighbour that you are so close to, you call them family. Yes, those are your Dear Neighbours.

Unfortunately, there are two sides to the coin, and you may have a different type of neighbour living next door - nosey, spiteful, intolerant or racist, maybe a little naive or ignorant? You wouldn't wish these neighbours on your worst enemies, but they do exist.

The main purpose of is to help you progress the relationship with your neighbour while keeping your anonymity. You will find stories, hand-drawn sketches, videos and more fun stuff on stupid neighbours at their best. You can visit the online store and buy a gift for your "Dear Neighbour". We have comic sketches, books, T-shirts, nosey-boards and postcards (to name a few) that you can send your dear neighbour or place in their letterbox yourself.

Stupid neighbour sketches

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Sample letters
Can't talk to your neighbour and need to send an important message?

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Bamboo + Neighbours = ?
We have some real life stories and photographs of bamboo and neighbour problems to share.

Bamboo Neighbour stories

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Neighbour Management Solutions
Is your neighbour keeping you up at night? We have ideas, knowledge and experience on dealing with problem neighbours.